Almond's burmat

In Memoriam


GIP&EC Almond´s Belladonna (brown-tortie)


*02.02.1993- 01.06.2001

Peukku was a cat with a BIG HEART! Once you met her you started to like her in a blink. Peukku took good care of her two litters - seven kittens in all.

She had a hard life because of the several misfortunes but she was a real fighter. Real fighters get tired after all, so did Peukku. 1st of June 2001 our little angel got wings on her back. We have so many good memories and a warm place in our hearts for her. We miss her so much.





 EP Arbiter Hibiscus (brown)  


*09.12.1989- 27.02.2003

Breeders: Mirjam ja Esko Numminen

Hipi was our first burmesecat. He quided us to the wonderful world of burmese and charmed us totally.

He was getting old and was very ill. Allthough he never gave up for joy of life. Only his body was tired. He was playing and taking care of little kittens in his later days. I believe now he is in the better place with our Peukku

He was a GORGEUS BURMAPERSONALITY! I will never forget him. He was so much loved grand old man. Miss him so much!




EP&EC Almond´s Ardisia, DM (brown)


*26.07.1992 - 07.09.2007

New star has come out to the sky. That is our so much loved Ardisia. You were something...




EP&EC Arbiter Kaunis Kassandra, DM (brown-tortie)


* 03.05.1991 - 19.4.2011

Breeders: Mirjam ja Esko Numminen

Cat of my life... Can´t find the words to tell how perfect she was.




EP&EC Almond´s Don Sebastian (blue)


* 08.02.1995 - 19.10.2011

Have sweet dreams, you beloved grand old man... we miss you so, so much!





EC S*Bonnea´s Rosita (lilac) "Rosita"

*20.04.2001 - 17.12.2013

Breeder: Eva Arnström, Sweden

Rosita was our first import. Rosita had four litters and 19 kittens in all. She was absolutely supermom.

Rosita was SUPERfriendly and she accepted anyone and everything.

Her condition went downhill very fast and she lost lots of weight in couple of weeks... something was really wrong and we had to let her go. It´s heartbreaking... one big soul is missing in our house. We miss her so much that can´t even find the words.


Pic: Åsa Petré

EP&EC Almond´s Idril Celebrindal, DSM (brown) "Pippa"

* 17.09.1998 - 4.11.2014

Pippa spent rest of her retirement days with Aberwyn Jin Shiro, Erkki and they lived as a happy couple. She had the most loving retirement home. All happened quite quickly, she started to lose weight and in a few months she was a shadow of that she used to be. Erkki was taking care of her till the end... and then we had to let her go because she didin´t have any pain yet. She was the most sweetest cat ever. Sleep well, my brown beaty.  


Pippa had two litters (2000, 2001) and she had four lovely offsprings.

Show results:

8xBIV 26XNOM 14xBOX 19xBIS 11xBIS-Vet

  • SRK´s Shorthair adult of 2002 no 2., BKY´s Best burmese adult of 2002
  • Best neuter 2004 and Best veteran 2005
  • Pirok's Veteran of 2005



Kuva: Chanan






SP&EC Almond´s Mrs. Bukée (sininen) "Poppana"

* 18.11.2003 - 15.1.2015


Sometimes the smallest things takes up the most room in your heart!

- Winnie the Pooh


Poppana was very special cat, in her special way... You just had to meet her to understand that!



Show results:

  • 12xBIV 38xNOM 3xBIS 8xBIS-Vet
  • Best Veteran in kat. III 2012 in Finland
  • PIROK's Best Veteran in kat. III 2012
  • Finnish burmesecat association Best Burmese Veteran 2012       


EP Almond´s Korall (chocolatetortie) "Tuittu"

*26.06.2001 - 19.7.2016


Rest in peace my beautiful girl...


Show results:

  • 9xNOM 2xBOX 4xBIS
  • KES-KIS´s (Middle Finland cat association) best shorthair neuter 2002


FIN*Aberwyn Jin Shiro (brown) "Erkki"

* 30.6.2006 - 26.7.2016

Breeder: Minna Haataja


You left us way too early! Sleep well sweet boy...


Erkki had 15 kittens in all with CH Narinder Arwen,  GIC Almond´s Niorun, Velvetyhill Chantelle and GIC Cattish Elevn Star.