Almond's burmat




S*Velvetyhill Chantelle (bluetortie)

"Milli Menninkäinen"

Born 13.2.2005

Breeder: Gunnar Grafström, Sweden

Chantelle is our new import from Sweden. We were looking for a tortie female and suddenly found this little swedish lady. She is living as a host cat with Lotta and Toni, and burmese friends Olga, Ansa and great-grand daughter Juno.

Chantelle is SO SWEET and FANTASTIC! She is so playful little sweetie, and brave one too. She is so energetic and you see it also on her body. She has a lovely proportions, SUPER eyecolor and coat too. Everything I have dreamt of!

Chantelle´s first litter born 14/3/2006, five females and one male. Her second litter was born 26/1/2007, two males and two females. Third litter was born 14/1/2008, red and cream males. Fourth litter, blue and cream males, were born 25.1.2009. Chantelle is neutered nowadays.

Tested GM2-negative



SP&IC Almond´s Pikku Myy (browntortie) "Maire"

Born 14.3.2006

Maire is from our swedish girl Chantelle´s first litter. Maire lives with Heini.

Maire is wild, quicksilver, everywhere at the same time. She makes great "horsejumps" and furries her tail at the same time. Funny cat at all. She loves to take care of the older cats nad she has a big heart. It is also great to wake up in the morning having a little "babymonkey" purring on your pillow :)

Maire had litter in april 2008 with CH Ayungsan Moon Pagoda*CZ, five lovely kittens were born. Nowadays Maire is neutered.

Tested GM2-negative

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  • 1xBIV, 15xNOM, 2xBOX, 1xBIS



Pic: Marika Lahti

SW'16 SP,SC FIN*Niorun Billie Holiday DVM, DSM (brown)


Born 17.8.2007

Breeder: Pauliina Pappinen

Amalia is small, brown beaty from Erkki´s and Ruska´s litter. Amalia is the ONE brown girl we have been looking for. Amalia´s first kittens born 21.1.2009, 2 brown males and 2 brown  females.

Thank you Pauliina for this lovely girl!


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  • 24xBIV, 12xNOM, 18xBIS
  • Cat of the year in Finland 2011, cat. III best neuter female
  • PIROK's Cat of the year 2011, Best neuter in cat. III
  • KES-KIS's Cat of the year 201, Best neuter in all categories
  • BKY's Best burmese neuter 2011
  • BKY's Best burmese neuter 2012



Pic: Pekka Savolainen

GIC FIN*Almond´s Virginia Woolf (brown) "Viivi"

Born 21.1.2009

We decided to keep one of Amalia´s brown femalekitten, and luckily we had Viivi. She is most charming little lady and hopefully someday she will be our new breeding female.

GM2-negative, hypokalemia negative

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  • 2xBIV, 2xNOM, 1xBIS



Pic: Studio Adessa

CH FI*Karvanverran Tuulispää (brown)  "Juno"

Born 24.10.2009

Breeder: Ani Kajander

Juno is granddaughter of Maire. Juno is living with Lotta and Toni, and three other cats. Juno is going to be a mothercat in the future.

She is great combination both of her parents. Charming Girl! Big Thanks to Ani of this lovely little lady.


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  • 3xBIV, 4xNOM




GIC GB*Rumba Quintessential (lilactortie) "Tessa"

Born 26.10.2010

Breeders: Helen Marriott-Power & Vanessa Marriott

Tessa came to us in March 2011 from England. We have been looking for new female kitten for a while and here she is! Tessa is adorable little lady with lots of energy and speed. Her temperament is just perfect...she purrs, purrs, purrs. There is some "tortiegenes" too, she yells if she wants something. Hopefully she will have few litters someday.

Thank so much to Helen Marriott-Power and her family for trusting this sweet little tortie to us!

GM2-negative, Hypokalemia negative

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  • 1xBIV 5xNOM