Almond's burmat



We've started our cat hobby in 1990 with the whole family. Heini and Hilkka started breeding burmese in 1992 and so began the story of Almond's burmese. So the breeding has been going on for over 20 years and over that period there's been 34 litters all together. Almond's has been rewarded as the Breeder of the year award in 2002 & 1998!

We have tried to keep the breeding moderate, which means approximately a litter per year. We use only FelV- and FIV-tested and otherwise healthy parents for breeding. All of our breeding females have been tested for gangliosidosis negative. We also test our breeding cats for hypokalemia. The kittens are handed over at the age of 13-14 weeks, and before that they have been dewormed, vaccinated twice, microchipped and examined by a veteranian. With our kittens you receive directions both verbal and in writing and a small kitten package for the new home. Breeder's support is very important and our support is valid for the whole lifespan of the kitten.



Hilkka is mother of the family and she is now retired after working as service manager. In Puuppola, Middle-Finland, lives three burmese ladies with Hilkka and Kari. Neutered brown beauty Amalia, and two breeding females; Amalia's daughter Viivi and Tessa, our import from England. Hilkka's hobbies includes also horses. Youre welcome to visit Eevertti's page  (only in Finnish).


Heini is the family's daughter. She lives in Jyväskylä and with her lives two neutered girls: chocolate-tortie Tuittu and brown-tortie Maire. Heini's family also includes two children, 8 years old boy Rasmus and 5 years old daughter Maisa.